Research Director
Native Law Centre of Canada, College of Law
University of Saskatchewan

Date of Birth: December 20, 1944
Place of Birth: Henderson Allotment, Oklahoma
Tribal Citizen of Oklahoma Chickasaw Nation

Academic Credentials
J.D. (Juris Doctorate), Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA. Thesis: Indian Statehood in the United States (1974)
B.A., History, California State University, Fullerton, CA. (1967)

Other Credentials
Member, Indigenous Bar Association

Research Director, Native Law Centre (2000-1993)
Sessional Lecturer, Native Studies (1996-1995)

Associate Memberships
Adjunct Professor, Native Studies, College of Arts and Sciences.(1998-1995)

Selected Honors and Awards
2002-1995 Selection and Inclusion, Canadian Who Whos. University of Toronto Press.
2000-1984 Selection and Inclusion, The International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Vol.6 International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England CB2 3QP.
1999 Alumni Achievement Award, Native American Programs, Harvard University, Cambridge Ma.
1974 Charles Warren Civil Rights Award, Harvard Law School.

· Treaty Rights in the Constitution of Canada, (Carswell in progress due 2004) with R.L. Barsh.
· Aboriginal Tenure in the Canadian Constitution, (Carswell, 2000) with Marj Benson and Isobel Findlay.
· Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage. A Global Challenge, (Purich Publication, 2000) with M.A. Battiste.
· Míkmaw Concordat, Halifax: Fernwood Press, 1997.
· International Context of Crown-Aboriginal Treaties in Canada, (RCAP CD-ROM Publications, 1996) with R.L. Barsh.
· Continuing Poundmaker & Reil's Quest, (College of Law, U.S. Purich Publishing, 1994) co-author with Richard Gosse and Roger Carter.
· The Mikmaq State Papers (Foreign Affairs) 1977-1990, (official papers of the Grand Council, Union of Nova Scotia Indians 1990) co-author with M.A. Battiste and R. Barsh.
· The Secular Ulnapskok, (U.N.S.I. PRESS, 1980) with Joe B. Marshall; 1986 update with J.B. Marshall.
· The Road: Indian Tribes And Political Liberty (Berkeley University of California Press, 1980) with
R. Barsh.

Selected Papers in Refereed Journals
· "Aboriginal Peoples of Canada perspectives on the Monarchy on The Queen's Golden Jubilee" 2003 Constitutional Forum.
· "Sui Generis and Treaty Citizenship" in Citizenship Studies (due in 2003).
· "Diversity and Politics" (2003) Limits to Diversity?: Implications for Democracies, EU-Canada Workshop convened by the Centre on Governance of the University of Ottawa. Oct. 25, 2001.
· "Postcolonial Indigenous Legal Consciousness" in 2002 Indigenous Law Journal at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law 1-56.
· "Treaties as a Basis for Aboriginal Self-Government" Establishing Aboriginal Governments, Banff Center, Feb. 20, 2002.
· "Fiduciary Obligations and Honour of the Crown to Aboriginal peoples of Canada" In whom we Trust. A Forum on Fiduciary Obligations, Law Commission of Canada (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2002) at 81-112.

Selected Invited Lectures
· "Protecting Indigenous Knowledge in International Law," Indigenous Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge by Creator's Rights Alliance (CRA) in Saskatoon (November 30-December 1,2002).
· "Creating Changes in the Legal Profession," Keynote speech, Promoting Dialogue, Creating Change: Equity and Diversity in the Legal Profession, Upper Canada Law Society, (November 21, 2002).
· "Aboriginal Perspective of Strengthening Agenda Against Racism," Canadian Race Relations Foundation Summit "Strengthening the Agenda Against Racism in Canada," (October 24-27, 2002)
· "Respecting Indigenous Heritage and Knowledge in Education," World Conference on Indigenous Education, (August 8, 2002)
· "Native Law Centre of Canada and Legal Transformation," World Conference on Indigenous Education (August 6, 2002)
· "Protecting Indigenous Knowledge," Provincial Elders Indigenous Knowledge Gathering (July 5, 2002 Sturgeon Lake First Nation).

Born to the Bear Clan of the Chickasaw Nation and Cheyenne Tribe in Oklahoma in 1944 and is married to Marie Battiste, an Míkmaw educator. They have three children.

In 1974, he received a Juris doctorate in law from Harvard Law School and became a law professor who created litigation strategies to restore Aboriginal culture, institutions and rights. He co-authored the book, The Road, Indian Tribes and Political Liberty and many law review articles on Indian issues. During the constitutional process (1978-1993) in Canada, he served as a constitutional advisor for the Míkmaw nation and the NIB-Assembly of First Nations. He has continued to develop in aboriginal and treaty right and treaty federalism in constitutional law. His latest books are on Aboriginal Tenure in the Constitution of Canada (2000) and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage (2000). He is working on Treaty rights in the Constitution of Canada (2002)

He is a noted international human rights lawyer and an authority on protecting Indigneous heritage, knowledge, and culture. He was one of the drafters and expert advisors of the principles and guidelines for the protection of Indigenous Heritage in the UN Human Rights fora. Also, he has been a member of the Advisory Board to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Advisory Committee to the Canadian Secretariat for the World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (WCAR), within the department of Canadian Heritage. Currently he is a member of the Sectoral Commission on Culture, Communication and Information of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO; Eminent Person Implementation Committee for Traditional Knowledge in the Biodiversity Convention Office; and Experts Advisory Group on International Cultural Diversity.


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