The Native American Academy

Traditional Knowledge

Native Science

In the 21st Century


Broad Objectives of the Explorations into Science Project

The overarching intent of the project is to explore the question:

    How can we bring young people into an expanded notion of science that integrates Westerns Science's valuing of rigorous observation, formulation and testing with Native Science's valuing of connectedness and deep human development.

Our objectives include:

  • Broaden the contemporary concept of science to include other systems of knowledge that may be more attuned to complex interdependencies between human innovation and the social and natural environment
  • Increase familiarity with Native Science among western scientists and with new frontiers of Western Science related to Native Science
  • Develop new pedagogies based on the Native Paradigm (sensory development and experiential learning, the impact of science on the health and well being of humans and living systems, and the experience of a relational universe) to broaden scientific literacy
  • Explore the role of the scientist in society to bridge the gap between scientific imagination and moral imagination
  • Increase the number of students studying Native and
    Western Science
  • Enable native students developing scientific and engineering careers to stay connected with their own tradition
  • Create more written documentation of native paradigm to help young native teachers integrate their tradition in their teaching
  • Seed joint research projects between Native and Western scientists
  • Create multiple forms of documentation of the native paradigm to help young native teachers integrate their traditions into their teaching