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Information Technology in Support of Native Science

Native Americans have an inherent love of learning and an avid interest in Information Technology. There is urgent need within Native communities for a technology that will allow the living knowledge that is Native Science to be digitally stored while maintaining the integrity of the knowledge in the original languages. Can we have Information Technology that reflects Indigenous consciousness? We are exploring if it is possible to have a computer technology that follows traditional values and protocols for holding and sharing knowledge and employs multi sensory Indigenous learning processes? If so, can such a technology be used to make Native science visible in classrooms and cyberspace. If such a technology could be developed, it would support the building of a common language to describe Western scientific concepts in their wholeness, thereby making visible the web of inter-relationship.

In the fall of 2005, The National Science Foundation awarded a grant to the Native American Academy to bring together a trans cultural team of IT researchers and designers with Traditional Knowledge Holders to begin the exploration. We present here the knowledge gathered in the first steps of this exploration …….


Characteristics of Native IT

Is it possible to have Information Technology that reflects Indigenous Consciousness?


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