The Native American Academy People

Rose Thater Braan-Imai

Leroy Little Bear

Marie Battiste

Amethyst First Rider

Sakej Henderson


The Native American Academy is a collective name for those people who have participated in and devoted their time and abilities to reconciling indigenous knowledge with Western science, and to the on-going exploration of the boundaries between these two ways of knowing. They are supporting the development of a trans cultural learning center for the study of indigenous knowledge as a comparative science. The Native American Academy follows the traditional form of oral performance heritage of indigenous people. It is a dialogue.


Founding Director

· Rose Thater Braan-Imai (Tuscarora/Cherokee), Academy Animator and former Director of Education, Center for Particle Astrophysics; University of California, Berkeley

Founding Members

·Leroy Little Bear (Blackfoot), Academy Voice and former Director of Harvard University Native American Program

· Marie Battiste (Mi’kmaq), Professor of Education, University of Saskatchewan

· Amethyst First Rider (Blackfoot), Lecturer, Native Studies, Lethbridge University

· Sakej Henderson (Chickasaw), Director of Research, Native Law Centre of Canada, U of Saskatchewan

· Tobasonakwut Kinew( Ojibwe), Traditional Knowledge Holder

· Dan Moonhawk Alford
April 14, 1946 - Oct. 24, 2002



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