The Native American Academy

Indigenous Knowledge
and the Nature
Science & Learning


The Native American Academy was founded by a circle of Native scholars and Traditional Knowledge Holders. It is now a network of native and non-native people that has been developing for 18 years through research, dialogue, writing and action projects focused on making the Native world view, Native science and Indigenous learning processes visible in community, national and international forums.
The Academy is dedicated to preserving and protecting Indigenous knowledge and fostering partnerships between Native and Western world views.


Native American Academy People

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Exploration into Native Science

Information Technology reflecting Indigenous Consciousness

The Indigenous Learning Process


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“Traditional and local
knowledge systems, as
dynamic expressions of
perceiving and understanding
the world, can make and
historically have made, a
valuable contribution
to science and technology.”

”There is a need to preserve,
protect, research and promote
this cultural heritage and
empirical knowledge”

A Declaration of global
made by
World Conference on Science
for the
Twenty First Century:

A New Commitment

under the authority of

the United Nations Education
Scientific and Cultural