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The issues that severely limit participation by Native American people in science and science education are a lens through which we can view the issues that impede the rewards of cultural diversity from contributing to a peaceful, equitable and just society.

Though the sciences have long had a mandate to develop diversity, the numbers of Native Americans pursuing careers in science are barely measurable.

A key element is the lack of understanding of the cultural differences that exist between the dominant culture (Euro-American) and the Indigenous world.

At the heart of the problem are different worldviews, values, traditions and histories. These differences form a cultural disconnect that triggers and nourishes misunderstandings and misperceptions on the part of both groups.

One result is diminished interest among Native people to embrace science as it Is currently delivered by western educational and research settings. Western educational research settings improperly attribute the lack of participation to disinterest, inability or resistance, explanations that steer them away from self-examination.

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