A Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning
   a Library of Indigenous Knowledge



The Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning from Rose Thater Braan-Imai on Vimeo.


Project overview:

The Native American Academy has undertaken the creation of a “Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning”, envisioned as a library of Indigenous ways of knowing, it uses a unique inter-tribal collective art project to communicate Native Science --- ‘wahkohtowin’ --- “knowing how you are related to all creation”.

The project design and execution by traditional artists and knowledge holders uses multi-media sculpture (stone, wood, bone, etc.) and traditional and contemporary techniques to create images, symbols, glyphs and forms that carry the living knowledge of Native science.

Presented by: The Native American Academy
Written, produced & narrated by: Rose Thater Braan-Imai
Image production & technical support: Jeanette Zerneke
Video & Sound editor: Mateo Hinojosa
Running time: 15:10

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