A Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning
   a Library of Indigenous Knowledge


We address two critical needs in the creation of
A Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning .

Education dropout rates of twice the national average, link directly to a suicide rate among American Indian and Alaska Natives that is at epidemic proportions.

We need to provide Native youth with a reflection of themselves in an education system and society that does not recognize their worldview, knowledge, or learning processes as valid. This project presents Native peoples as gifted learners who consistently use their bi-cognitive capacities to contribute creative, sophisticated thinking, ingenious ideas and pragmatic solutions. Such experiences and realizations restore self esteem and a sense of belonging.

There is need for a 21st century science that is in a genuine, coherent relationship with the natural world. The educational and creative programs surrounding this project furthers the reconciliation between western and Native worldviews and moves Native Science from folklore, myth and rumor to relevant, tangible reality.


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