In the Learning Lodge as in life we recognize all forms of life
as equal, none is above another
all carry knowledge and are necessary to complete the whole


The Learning Lodge is a dynamic, a process.
What we follow is the Indigenous learning process.
Though the content, the talks, writings, stories and so forth
provide hand holds for discovery and learning,
it is by animating and embodying the way we learn as Native people
that opens the possibility for the western trained mind
to comprehend the reality of the Indigenous worldview.
We are offering a portal not only into what we know,
but more importantly, how we have come to know it.

To perceive this process become aware
of the unseen power of situation and of paradigms over thought.
In learning, the situation shapes, transforms, sometimes determines, and almost always
influences, the behavior of the visible characters.

You will be entering the terrain of relational learning
where consciousness is the ground of being
and where all the senses (including the inner senses, i.e., sense of
belonging, honor, kinship, justice, etc.) rather than the intellect lead.
Making this way of learning and thinking visible is the center pole of the Lodge

We encourage you to examine
the internal and external influences that may affect your experience of the Lodge.
Consider the influences that are not readily inventoried
such as your education, implicate attitudes, motives, taste, style and mood.
Be aware of what you bring to the lodge;
what your expectations are of yourself and of the learning.
What are you looking for in this lodge, and why?
Reflect on your reactions to what is being offered and their possible sources.

In the Indigenous learning process there is no expectation or demand
that you embrace, accept or agree with the knowledge being shared,
only that you are willing to entertain a reality
in which there are different ways of knowing, and learning
which emerge from a worldview perceived and experienced
differently than the western worldview.

There is no pressure to display or defend your knowledge.
Instead great value is placed on the ability
to still the mind, deepen the capacity for listening
and for holding divergent views as equal and valid to one’s own.

Trans cultural learning is rigorous
primarily because it requires the suspension of assumptions
and reveals the cultural lens through which we view one another.
During our together all of us will be challenged to suspend our assumptions
about science, the scientific method, how we learn,
and the many definitions that comprise boundaries and identity.

In the Native world our
primary interest is in the interdependent relationships
that sustain and renew harmony and balance
as reflected in the natural order.
In our view knowledge systems should be informed
by as realistic a vision of nature and life
as our learning can muster.

Smoke Smudge

The Learning Lodge is a place of renewal; its purpose is to seed
an on-going learning community that will yield new learning,
nourishing and productive discourse and over time, birth
mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations.

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