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Invited Talks, Presentations, and Educational Workshops

He Pitopito Korero - A Conversation Learning Circle for Mira Szasy Centre for Maori & Pacific Economic Development, New Zealand Leadership Institute, Peter Senge, Rose von Thater-Braan, April 2006.

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, Horizons of Knowledge Presentation, Isabel Hawkins and Rose von Thater-Braan, One Earth, One Universe: Professional Development on Native and Western Science Perspectives, Hamilton, New Zealand, November 2005.

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, Horizons of Knowledge Presentation, Rose von Thater-Braan, Marie Battiste, The Native American Learning Bundle, Hamilton, New Zealand, November 2005.

Plenary Talk, The Dynamic Balance at the Center, Rose von Thater-Braan, Nga Pae o te Maramatanga Showcase 2005, Auckland, NZ, November 2005.

Plenary Talk, Native Science in the 21st Century, Rose von Thater-Braan, Workshop: Driving the International Research Agenda for Indigenous Peoples, Waikato Endowed College, Hopuhopu, NZ, November 2005.

An Interview with Rose von Thater-Braan:Nourishing a Science for the 21st Century,Plenary for Embracing Interdependence: Effective and Responsible Action in Our Organizations and the World, 2005 Pegasus Conference.

Living in Relationship: A 21st Century Science Paradigm Rose von Thater-Braan, Leroy Little Bear, and Amethyst First Rider, 2005 Pegasus Conference Video and Audio Recordings.

One Earth, One Universe: A Professional Development Workshop on Native American Perspectives, for NASA Scientists and Educators, 2005

Native Science: An Intellectual, Experiential & Cultural Foundation for Sustainability & Renewal. A Workshop for the Society for Organizational Learning, The SoL Forum on Business Innovation for Sustainability, 2004

The Iroquois Confederacy, Exploring Native Ways of Learning, Leading and the Roots of Democracy; a workshop for the West Des Moines Community Schools Leadership Retreat, 2004

Learning Together, Indigenous Ways of Knowing & the Transmission of Knowledge: a workshop for the Western Association of Schools & Colleges, 2004

The Native Paradigm, A View Into Consciousness as Reality, Contribution for Anthology: A Conscious World, Center for Psychology & Social Change, Cambridge, MA., 2003

The Six Directions, A Pattern for Understanding Native American Educational Values, Diversity and the Need for Cognitive Pluralism: Plenary talk, Southeastern Consortium for Minority Education, University of Arizona, July 2001

National Science Foundation Colloquium: Modern Science Viewed Through Native Eyes, a Presentation on Transcultural Education, February 2001

Banff Dialogues Exploring the Boundaries between Indigenous and Western Science, 1994 - 2004

Developing Scientific Leadership. A three-day workshop developed as an inquiry into leadership examining the qualities inherent in effective communication, vision, aspirations, personal values, ethics, intuition and relationship engaging logical and intuitive capabilities, University of California, Berkeley, March 2000

The Career Management Series. A values based workshop series on developing a career path in consonance with personal values, aspirations, interests and needs. Center for Particle Astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley, 1995-2000

Broadening the Horizons in Physics and English: 1999 ADE Summer Seminar West, University of Montana, Association of Departments of English, ADE Bulletin, #124 - Winter 2000

Walking in Two Worlds: Workshop de-mystifying Western Science Culture, Native American Studies Conference, Lake Superior State University, April 1998

Using Technology to Support Cultural Restoration: J. Zerneke, P. Shestople, A. Prescott, R. von Thater-Braan, Pilot Program, American Indian Public Charter School, Oakland, California, 1996/97

Knowing the Sky - Transcultural Astronomy Summer Camp: D. Begay, N. Maryboy, J.Wilkerson, R von Thater-Braan, American Indian Public Charter School, Oakland, California, July 1997

Summer Institute on the Cultural Restoration of Oppressed Indigenous Peoples. , Conference Proceedings: "Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision", M. Battiste, UBC, Introduction pg. xvii, University of Saskatchewan, July 1996

National Convocation on Science and Engineering Doctoral Education. The Career Management Series, National Academy of Sciences, June 1996

Education and Teaching HumanValues, AHIMSA Foundation, Conference on Education & Human Values, University of California, Berkeley, September 1995

Mentoring in A Changing Culture, Council of Graduate Schools, April 1994

The Changing Culture in Science Conference, a national conference on the need for diversity, creating a new model of science sensitive to societal needs. The development process and the 3-day meeting followed a model of community learning to develop facilitation, management and interpersonal communication skills. U.C. Berkeley, June 1992

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